The European Institute
for Privacy & Security SARL

Belval: Global Data Security & Privacy from the Heart of Europe

What does EIPS stand for?

The European Institute for Privacy & Security SARL (EIPS) is a pan-European initiative for data protection and data security. It emerged from the European Data Protection Conference #GDPR+1 held in Belval in May 2019. The business representatives who are responsible for the implementation of the GDPR in companies demand a central exchange platform for the purpose of successful data protection and data security in Europe and the world.

What does the EIPS do?

The EIPS is the organiser and operator of the European Data Protection Conference #GDPR+X. The conference #GDPR+1 took place in May 2019 in Belval and was addressed to representatives of the business community involved in the implementation of the GDPR. The continuation, #GDPR+2, will take place in May 2020. The conference aims to give all relevant actors the opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices concerning the GDPR and to jointly develop new ideas. In addition to the conference, EIPS is developing various projects and initiatives to promote the success of data protection and data security in Europe.

Who is behind the EIPS?

The EIPS combines legal, organisational and technical expertise. Its founders are Dury Compliance & Consulting GmbH, based in Saarbrücken, Luxembourg and Frankfurt, with many years of consulting experience in the fields of data protection law and IT law in Germany and Luxembourg. The latter is evidenced by the fact that Sandra Dury is co-editor of the book „Datenschutz in Luxemburg“, published in three languages in spring 2019. The Hesse-based IT security consultancy Vindler GmbH is responsible for the technological competence.

As the cyber security industry has matured the use of „ethical hacking“ has grown to become a crtical component in the assessment and mitigation of the many risks companies face in this digital world. Vindler GmbH specialises in helping companies empower thier employees to better defend thier businesses. We help your people, defend your company! The founding companies are united by the claim to process data protection and data security holistically and from various sides.

Why the EIPS in Belval?

Belval is the centre of data protection and data security in Luxembourg. In addition, Belval has an internationally renowned innovation campus -today already a magnet for European founders, entrepreneurs and scientists.

The address of the EIPS:

9, Avenue du Blues L-4368 Belval Luxembourg

And what are the long-term goals of the EIPS?

The EIPS wants to give data protection and data security a home in Europe - in Luxembourg, in Belval. Privacy is a central prerequisite when it comes to implementing European values in a responsible manner and safeguarding them sustainably. Innovation and human dignity meet exactly at this interface. The EIPS is to become a central point of contact for all those who are concerned with data protection and data security, want to contribute to it or are interested in it for professional reasons: To achieve this goal, partnerships are particularly important - as is the central location in the heart of Europe.

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